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... the Vollererhof - authentic health culture

Vollererhof view

After almost 95 successful years as a traditional Salzburg hotel and health center, it is time to focus intensively on a future-oriented realignment and to focus even more on the needs of our guests.

We want to do that now - we are breaking new ground!

Many of our guests are among the “best agers” with very special wishes and expectations when it comes to dedicating themselves to the healthy aging process, accepting it, and caring for it with calm, serenity and wisdom.

“Pro-Aging” - health satisfaction, everyone decides for themselves what “being healthy” means for them - positive, age-appropriate and authentic!

Implementing this approach in the house, the health center and the therapeutic offer not only requires some time for design and conception, it also involves renovations and extensions.

For this reason we have not yet reopened the Vollererhof after the long “lockdown periods”. An exciting development phase awaits us before that happens again.

But then, we look forward to seeing you and being able to have you as a member of this “aging culture” at the Vollererhof in the future!

Yours, Christian Scheck

& the "Vollererhof Team"


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... that's where we are at home

Everything looks a little different from above ... the next time you visit us, we will take you on a sightseeing flight with our drone!

The Vollererhof is surrounded by the agriculture of the "Vollererhof-Gut": approx. 20 hectares of lush meadows and the game reserve, quiet forests and walking paths.