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Philosophy & Expertise

Vollererhof cosmetics

Since the establishment of the cosmetic department at Vollererhof - more precisely since 1967 - great importance has always been attached to finding product specialists when selecting the cosmetic lines used, whose philosophy is also not only to focus on beauty treatments, but also to achieve lasting therapeutic effects.

Our beauty offer aims to give you the greatest possible well-being. Serious advice, a high level of specialist knowledge and professional applications enable us to individually fulfill the beauty wishes of our guests.

In all of our beauty and relaxation programs, the focus is on your inner and outer appearance. We offer you a wide variety of options, treatments and cosmetic products that have a cleansing, nourishing, relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

In the cosmetic sector, for example, we use high-quality Dermalogica products that are free from irritants and ingredients that can easily irritate the skin (such as lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances). Your skin gains new radiance.

The latest treatment methods and cooperation with experts in aesthetic medicine and hormone therapy open up completely new possibilities for you in slimming and cellulite treatments, thalassotherapy, bio-stimulation, reflex zone massage, remineralizing algae packs, sea mud peelings and high-quality cosmetic applications from ultrasound to microdermabrasion.

We also have extensive treatment and beauty programs for men. Special product lines from Phytomer and Dermalogica offer optimal care properties for heavily stressed skin.


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Our cosmetics department is located in Haus Thurnberg. In their own reception area, our beauticians are dedicated to giving you advice.


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Vollererhof phytobiodermia

Holistic cosmetics - naturally energetic and holistic.

The holistic and naturally energetic care line from Switzerland is based on the Chinese 5 elements teaching (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and offers high-quality treatments that are very responsive to the individual and energetic skin needs. If energies do not flow harmoniously, but are in disharmony according to the 5 elements theory, this shows up in the form of cosmetic problems and figure problems.

For this reason, Phytobiodermie has developed 5 care lines with naturally energetic care products and care programs that specifically address the conditions of the 5 elements.

Vollererhof Dermalogica

Successful natural cosmetics, free of mineral oils, lanolin, denatured alcohols and dyes.

With the special “Face Mapping®” skin analysis from Dermalogica, your Dermalogica skin care specialist analyzes your skin - zone by zone - and then puts together a care program based on results that is only available in this form from our qualified specialists.

Vollererhof QMS

Each product is made in Germany and is managed by Dr. Schulte monitors. The! QMS Medicosmetics care line is one of the highest quality collections in the industry and enjoys the highest reputation worldwide

Find the key to your own fresh and radiant complexion by using an effective system of selected high-quality and effective products and treatments.


For Fuhlendorf, modern cosmetics means: short but intensive treatments and therapies - with results that are immediately visible.

Specialization in ultrasound technologies, supplemented by suction wave massage, microdermabrasion and electrical stimulation. Efficient active ingredient products and innovative skin care series round off our treatment concept


The Piroche line, divided into concepts, consists exclusively of plant extracts of the highest quality, from algae or clay. Functional principles determine the best solution for the treatment of the face, body and hair in a specific formula.

Piroche Cosmétiques covers with its line all cosmetic requirements for the human body. It goes without saying that all Piroche Cosmétiques products are subject to strict dermatological and quality testing procedures.