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... what sets us apart

Vollererhof SPA

Individual cure introduction and scheduling are the basis of a good cure program that should work successfully.

We take the time to give you extensive advice in order to optimally coordinate the treatments provided by the doctor. We take personal preferences into account and plan adequate rest periods.

We know about the beneficial effects of nature around the Vollererhof. In connection with the excellent wellness infrastructure of our house and varied wellness supporting programs, we create ideal conditions for optimal relaxation and recreation. We see ourselves as a place of retreat that offers both mountain scenery and proximity to the festival city of Salzburg. We offer our guests every opportunity to return to everyday life strengthened and in balance, even after a short stay.

A high level of spa expertise, a comprehensive range of medical services, individual spa plans and professional spa support in both the physical and mental areas are the strengths of the Vollererhof. The focus of the offer is on holistic health care. "It is very important to us that our guests experience the spa stay as a vacation and can also enjoy it - we are always and above all a hotel", explains Vollererhof owner Christian Scheck, “Because we give our spa guests a cozy capsule in which they feel good. This is what sets us apart from other FX Mayr companies. "


... what she expects

Ten good reasons for a spa stay at the Vollererhof:

1. The Vollererhof, with its beautiful location in a Celtic place of power, offers an island of relaxation in beautiful nature away from the hectic world. This is balm for the soul in its purest form. Spa guests benefit immensely from this.

2. An experienced team, under the medical direction of Dr. Gabrielle Dienhart, takes care of you with empathy.

3. Dr. Gabrielle Dienhart has many years of experience as a nutritionist and FX Mayr doctor. She is one of the most popular doctors in Austria (award newspaper "Kurier" July 20.07.2020, XNUMX).

4. Each spa guest receives their individual light diet, which is agreed with the doctor. Our chef works wonders here.

5. Spacious rooms and suites, all with a panoramic view of the mountains, convey a feeling of high privacy. This is very important, especially for longer stays.

6. A familiar atmosphere with a lot of security and as much retreat as desired ensures a pleasant well-being.

7. Spa guests often get visits from partners, children or friends over the weekend. For them, a visit to the Vollererhof turns out to be a relaxing short vacation. The à la carte restaurant as well as the wellness, beauty and fitness areas invite you to linger.

8. With us you are not a number. We know the names of our spa guests and know about their preferences and habits.

9. Dogs are welcome at the Vollererhof! (there are "rules").

10. In accordance with the motto of our house "We look forward to seeing you again!", The entire Vollererhof team is committed to making your stay as pleasant as possible. And since the Vollererhof combines the advantages of a 4-star hotel with the advantages of a health center, every stay is also a relaxing holiday.


... gather strength & find balance


Activation of self-healing powers

Prevention according to FX MAYR plays an important role at Vollererhof. Many diseases arise in the intestine. Stress, performance and constant availability dominate today's professional life and not without consequences. Coupled with social and private pressure, this can have fatal consequences. It is not uncommon for the immune system to go crazy too. Every fifth person in Austria and every third person in Germany suffers from an allergy and more than every tenth (Austria) or sixth (D) suffer from burnout. The longing for a break that strengthens health and resilience and gives the soul time to dangle is great. This means that cures are enjoying increasing popularity again, because preventive health care plays an important role here.


... cure diversion for everyday life

Vollererhof Circle

We are here for you!

We also guarantee our spa guests appropriate follow-up care. Each spa guest receives individual information that makes it easier for them to deal with proper nutrition in everyday life. In cooking courses, suitable dishes are created under supervision during the treatment. If anything is unclear about the diet, you can also contact Dr. Contact Gabrielle Dienhart.

It is just as important, however, to regularly refresh the cure, to give the intestines more time off and quiet and thus to strengthen the immune system in the long term.

Most of our guests take the time to follow up your course phase intensively with us within six months, the care only works if it is carried out regularly.




... reimbursement of costs through your private supplementary insurance

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Prevention pays off

The health center in the Vollererhof is run as an outpatient clinic recognized by the health authorities with medical management in accordance with the Health Resort and Hospital Act.

Privately insured persons can submit the services in the outpatient clinic to their supplementary insurance. The medical and therapeutic costs are refunded in accordance with the elective doctor regulation. For medical and therapeutic treatments, you will receive a corresponding fee and prescription. It is advisable to clarify the amount of the reimbursement in advance of the start of the cure.