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Physical therapy

Mobilization & Rehabilitation

As part of the holistic exercise program, physiotherapy in the health center at Vollererhof is of particular importance. Mobilization and restoration of physical vitality, rehabilitation after accidents and strokes as well as activation of muscle function and promotion of conscious body awareness are in the foreground of the therapy concept.

Combined with personal fitness training and individual coaching, this opens up the possibility of coordinating the measures individually and creating a personal program that can also be carried out at home. The personal constitution is always taken into account in order to increase endurance and fitness. High-quality fitness equipment (techno gym equipment) is available in the Vollererhof for fitness exercises and muscle building.

Cardio machines, crosstrainers and treadmills as well as power plates and hypoxi complete the range. With a balanced exercise program, not only physical, but also mental fitness can be maintained and rebuilt.

Additionally possible:

HYPOXI-Training - brings about fat loss in the desired areas, beautifies the skin and causes intense wellbeing. Hypoxi is training and treatment at the same time! Targeted negative pressure during training increases the blood flow to the fatty tissue in the problem areas and thus enables the activated fat to be removed.

POWER-PLATE training - this allows you to achieve quick results with short training times. From top athletes to untrained people - a meaningful exercise plan is created for everyone with personal support.

Vulcanite mud therapy

Heat therapy & minerals from primary rocks

We get our volcanic fango from 16 million year old volcanic rock from the Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Württemberg. At the Vollererhof we mix the volcanic granules with brine or spring water to make therapeutic mud. This lasting therapy with a deep effect ensures that the deep tissue layers are also reached.

The use of volcanic mud is a widespread method of heat therapy for the treatment of pain and non-inflammatory diseases.

The vulcanite fango treatment is used for connective tissue and muscle rheumatism, pain relief, chronic rheumatic joint diseases and athletic or occupational overload (e.g. spinal column diseases).

Due to its valuable minerals and trace elements, combined with heat therapy, the volcanic mud at the Vollererhof is also used as part of the regeneration cures, because it has:

  • detoxifying
  • detoxifying
  • loosens connective tissue
  • promotes mobility
  • relaxing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • decongestant
  • soothing
  • healing
  • profound


Energetic work & mindful touch

Shiatsu originated from treatment methods developed in the Chinese Middle Ages and is based on the ideas of traditional East Asian medicine, in particular the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the system of the "five phases of change" (five-element teaching). In contrast to acupuncture and acupressure, Shiatsu does not only stimulate individual points on the body. However, it is treated along the connecting meridians.

Shiatsu is mostly practiced on a mat or a special futon on the floor. It is treated with the hands (fingers and ball of the hand), but also with the elbows and knees. In addition to gentle rhythmic techniques, deeper physical and energetic techniques as well as stretches and rotations are used. The practitioner uses his own body weight and works mainly from the middle of the body (jap., Hara).